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Live that Dream Fund

You can be an entrepreneur, a model, a filmmaker or a critic like Simon Cowell to make the news. But one important aspect of life which demands coverage of more than just a column or page is sports. Be it winning medals, losing goals or simply performing your best, Singaporeans share a passion towards sports like all other fanatical countries and increasingly so. The able-bodied pursue it; the disabled no less. They just have it harder.

That is why we have specially set up a fund solely to help disabled Singaporeans realize their fullest potential through sports. This is the “Live That Dream” Fund.
Embodying the spirit of continuous learning and the sharing of knowledge amongst the disabled, the “Live That Dream” Fund helps to bring sports to the disabled and support trainings & preparations for competitions.

Disabled athletes receive long-term support, from the Fund, in terms of:
  • transportation support
  • sports equipment & nutrition
  • training and coaching
  • preparation & participation in national and international competitions

The reach of the Fund does not stop here. How do we ensure that other disabled Singaporeans share and benefit from the Fund as much as those who have directly benefited from it?

Under a mentorship scheme, fund recipients serve as mentors and coaches to help guide younger disabled Singaporeans to realize their abilities.

Eighteen-year old Paralympian Theresa Goh is one such example. Recipient of the 2005 National Youth Council’s Singapore Youth Award, Theresa Goh is already a successful sporting icon who has already begun to inspire the next generation of disabled athletes to emulate and perhaps surpass her amazing feats.

In line with the Government’s push for greater social cohesion, integration and inclusion for the disabled into mainstream Singapore, the “LIVE THAT DREAM” Fund ensures that our disabled Singaporeans have equal opportunities to realise their fullest ability like any other fellow Singaporeans.

If you would like to contribute to this Fund, please Make A Donation or send us a crossed cheque payable to Singapore Disability Sports Council and address it to:

Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)
230 Stadium Boulevard
Singapore 397799

Please kindly specify the purpose of the cheque as “Live That Dream” Fund.

Interested parties may also consider co-organising activities to raise contributions for the Fund. Email us or call +65 6342 3503.

Events that have contributed to this Fund include Wheelathon 2005 and the Ironman 70.3 Singapore 2007.

The donations, sponsorships and funding received from donors, corporate organisations, philanthropists or individuals will be channeled directly towards the Fund, if specified so.
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