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Ever wonder why you hardly see any people with disabilities on the buses and trains even though there are more than 200 000 of them in Singapore?

Because some of them cannot even make the journey to the bus stop or train station.

Singapore has improved vastly on disabled-friendly facilities in recent years. But the problem of transport is still looming large for the disabled. Imagine having to push a pram 200m to a bus stop, carry it up a bus, transfer at an MRT, alight and take another bus elsewhere. Now, imagine yourself in the pram.

This is but one of the problems facing our athletes, who dedicate themselves to training with the aim of attaining honour for Singapore one day. A little donation will go a long way to help them in their transport, their training and their dreams.

Besides that, your donation will aid in developing sports programs for both the athletes and the young. For example, letting more disabled children get in touch with sports or letting young budding athletes train with better equipment and coaching. Donations will also be used for events promoting disability sports.

Make a donation. Together, we are a community.

Your donations will be treated with integrity. We fully support transparency of accounts. Donations will be reflected clearly in our annual statement of accounts for their purposes.

You may make an online donation here. Please be assured that online donations are secure. If you would like to make a donation via cheque instead, please cross the cheque payable to Singapore Disability Sports Council and address it to:

Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)
3 Stadium Drive, #01-34
Singapore 397630

Please kindly specify the purpose of the cheque as well. (E.g. Intended for which event, sport, program, athlete etc.)
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