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International Affliates

The APDSC was founded on 27th March 1998 in Melbourne, Australia and is the regional Conference of the Comit International des Sports de Sourds (CISS) with specific responsibilities to Asia and the Pacific. The APDSC consists of National Deaf Sports Associations on the regions of Asia and the Pacific, which are affiliated to and recognized by CISS or the Deaflympics.
Disability Classification and Research Centre (DCRC) was formally established in 2007 with aims to spread awareness and educate the Asian region on Paralympic sports, enhance athletes performances and standards. For individuals interested in pursuing careers and opportunities in Paralympic sports, DCRC would also provide a sustainable gateway. To improve and revolutionise the standards of Paralympic sports in Asia, DCRC provides a centralized resource and training centre, research and development of disability sports and competition equipment, as well as conducting regular classification courses and workshops.
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