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     New UN Treaty to advance and protect rights of disabled persons
In August, all 192 member nations of the United Nations agreed to a new treaty to advance and protect the rights of persons with a disability. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has been involved throughout the process to ensure that the UN delegates understand the value and role sport and recreation have for both individuals and societies.
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     FESPIC 2006 Torch Relay Run and Sailing Regatta - Join as participant/donor/sponsor!
After months of rigorous trials and selections, 41 athletes were finally shortlisted to represent Singapore at the Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC) 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this November.
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     Beijing Paralympics 2008’s colourful ambassador - Le Le (Happiness)
On 6 Sep, exactly two years before the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, the 2008 Paralympic mascot was unveiled during a ceremony at the Great Wall of China. Sporting a striking mix of colours and a look of content, Lele (which means Happiness) the cow, will be inviting people from all over the world to Beijing to enjoy the splendors of the Beijing 2008 Paralympics, and watch the inspiring performances of the Paralympians.
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     Join winners of Uniquely Sporting 2006 at 9th KL FESPIC Games 2006
During the last issue of SDSC Touch, we showed you the four entries to Uniquely Sporting 2006, SDSC’s first student video and animation competition. Have you guessed the winner correctly?
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     Careers with SDSC: Human Resource and Administrative Officer
Main Function Under direction, provide management, and leadership in the administrative, business planning, budgeting, and automation efforts of a major, strategic business or operating unit within SDSC. Directs the activities of a variety of special service and centralized human resource and administrative support functions.
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     Careers with SDSC: Finance and Admin Assistant
Main Function To assist in Finance / Admin Duties
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     Check out which athletes have been officially selected for FESPIC Games 2006
After months of rigorous selection tests and training, the list of selected athletes to participate in the FESPIC Games 2006 has been finally determined.
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     Watch for Singapore at IPC World Athletics Championship Assen 2006 - LIVE!
Yes, you can watch the IPC Athletics World Championships Assen 2006 LIVE online now and cheer for Singapore!
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     Sport Valentines turns SDSC into a garden (Media)
If you visit the SDSC office, you will find a handcrafted butterfly, bee or flower made out of stockings and wires at almost every staff’s desk. It isn’t that we are falling into a romantic mood or celebrating summer. Rather, we are showing our support for the efforts of this compassionate group of students called ‘Sports Valentines’.
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     Highlights of IPC Athletics World Championships Assen 2006
Assen became a hot spot as disabled athletes flew in from all parts of the world to attend the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Athletics World Championships, one of the largest athletics events this year.
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     SDSC’s new Archery programme takes off with a bull’s-eye (Media)
Have you ever wondered at the deftness of the archer-god Apollo, been wowed by the show-stopping stunts of Legolas, or simply been amused by the playfulness of Cupid’s love arrows?
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     A Record Team of Disabled Athletes To Compete At The Last Historic FESPIC Games 2006 (Media)
Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) will be fielding a record 41 disabled athletes to represent Singapore at the 9th Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC Games) 2006
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