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     Oh oh oh oh oh, Montfortian, Catch us if you can
Jovin Tan and Yip Pin Xiu visits Montfort Secondary School’s Track and Field Meet to lead its Mass Participation Challenge
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     Dragontug - Do you have the guts?
Feeling lethargic on a Sunday and a strong cup of coffee can’t seem to perk you up? The UOB Ultimate DragonTug Showdown would be your wake up call!
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     If you think you can SWIM
The National Swimming Championship 2007 is coming up! And this year will mark its 26th anniversary. These events were established to provide opportunities for the disabled to compete competitively and to form the basis of selecting best athletes to represent Singapore for major international competitions. Other than fostering camaraderie between Singapore and international athletes, other vital objectives include increasing public awareness and promoting widespread support for the sporting and recreational needs of the disabled community in Singapore.
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     Vote for TG!!! She’s who I-WANNABE
The World’s Fastest 200M Individual Medley (SM5) Swimmer. The Young Woman Achiever in 2005. Gold-medallist of the ASEAN Para Games. These are just a few of the achievements under the belt of Miss Theresa Goh Rui Si, a national swimmer. At the fresh young age of 20, she is already Singapore’s national pride.
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     To massage or not to massage, that is not a question
A good rub on the shoulders and kneading of the back never fails to perk up our tired bodies. And that is the effect of a good massage that we all enjoy. However, research has shown that the benefits of massage are no longer limited to pure relaxation. Increasingly, studies have proven that massage therapy is able to aid in the recovery of injuries for athletes as well as other wide-ranging effects such as lifting patients from depression and to increase alertness.
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     Trivia - April 2007
Do you think that this issue of Trivia is no different from the previous ones? Well, look closely and you will find out that this month’s Trivia features the sports that SDSC offers! Scroll down to find out more about the interesting sports that SDSC has to offer…
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     Can‘t go to the EPL? Come to the NDL!!!
Calling out to all those who participated in the National Disability League (NDL) 2006!
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     Decorate our VAN with your heart
As you may already know, the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) reaches out to all disability groups in Singapore, offering a wide range of sports, such as track and field, goalball, soccer and boccia.
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     You can LEARN TO PLAY some new tricks
The 2nd ‘Learn-to-play’ (LTP) block is back after its successful first run in February and March 2007. Once again the idea of education and fun is combined in a bid to inform the public on disability sports. A wide variety of sports would be available for participants, ranging from wheelchair tennis to soccer and also archery. Registration fees have been made affordable as participants get to enjoy discounts from 50% to 75% off the sports programmes
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     Speakers’ Notes for the Disability Sports Conference 2007
To download, right click on the respective Speakers' Notes and select "Save Target As". This will allow you to download and save the notes on your preferred location of your computer.
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     Play your HEART-OUT with us
It is a Saturday. You are walking along Orchard Road with your friends, but shopping no longer interests you. You long for something new, something fresh, something more meaningful than burning holes in your pockets. What do you do?
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     Financial planners raises money with chocolates from the heart (Media)
After winning the Million Dollar Charity Challenge, these financial planners can’t wait to begin second mission to get active in the community. GEN Planning Services is set on raising another $10,000 for the Singapore Disability Sports Council, by selling ‘chocolates from the heart’.
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     Chris Nunn, coach of most successful Paralympic Team in Sydney 2000, gives talks in Singapore (Media)
Nunn will speak about inclusive sports programmes and coaching at Disability Sports Conference 2007 on 27 and 28 April.
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