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     DARE - a new name for our eNewsletter. But why DARE?
Truth or dare? Most of us would probably choose to tell the truth, unless we are in a really wild mood. To accept a dare and complete it takes a lot of guts, confidence, and will. So, unless we are feeling a little crazy, most of us would choose, ironically, the easier way out to divulge our innermost secrets, rather than accepting a dare that could spark a million possibilities.
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     Superband singer, Awi, wins our design competition “Sports on Wheels”!
Not only can he dance, can he sing, this guy can really draw! With a whimsical concept of bringing out the community connectivity in our Sports on Wheels programme, Ashleynawi (better known as Awi), one of the singers in SOUL, caught our eyes with his arresting design overflowing with traffic-stopping colours.
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     Snap up the last tickets to Sgt Pepper Charity Concert at Esplanade, hosted by Bryan Richmond!
This July, besides the stirring lineup of championships and workshops we have for you, here’s your treat to a night of entertainment by local songbirds, in aid of a sailing programme for people with disabilities!
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     Join us as a designer!
Still upset about missing out on the first spot at that competition? Can’t figure out why you are always a second slower than others? Well, fret not! Here’s your chance to have a go at being ‘first’ by pioneering the very first circle of volunteer designers for SDSC!
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     Food Is Sinful… NOT! (Part 2/2)
So, was your mouth watering when you read Part 1 of this article in our last issue? We were…Well, besides those tantalizing treats you saw, we bring you the second installment now so you don’t have to stick to just tea or ice cream for dessert!
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     Join our DARE Editorial Team!
Do you have a flair for writing and wish to put your talent to good use? Have you always wanted to delve into the intriguing world of disability sports? Or are you simply looking for a volunteering opportunity but have not come across a suitable one?
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     Olympic Dream 2007
Do you remember the Olympic Dream held last year? For those who have been longing for another chance for an exceptional experience, here is the good news: the Student Volunteer Corps (SVC) is organising the Olympic Dream 2007!
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     Trivia – The Golf Issue
The word golf comes from the Dutch kolf, meaning stick, club or bat.
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     Wheel-Power: a new driving force for wheelchair basketball
Wheelchair basketball is everything like regular basketball – the adrenalin, sports intensity, excitement and competitiveness. And thanks to ‘WheelPower’, even more people with disabilities can have a taste of the competitive sport now.
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     No Slime, Just Balls of Fun at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
Getting nominated for a 2007 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award is no child’s play. A potential nominee is required to both excel in his field as well inspire others to do the same. And even that may not be enough. To truly be able to be declared a potential, you must possess the elusive X-factor.
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     Ex- and current athletes invited to National Stadium closure
The National Stadium holds fond memories for many of us and she has served us well over the years. But the time has come to bid her goodbye. We would like to invite you to join us as we celebrate her life on Saturday, 30 June 2007 from 5pm.
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     Sports Partnership Promotion Grant (SPPG)
The inception of SDSC’s Sports Partnership Promotion Grant (SPPG) is to promote and encourage partners of SDSC to organize sports programme or events at introductory and recreational levels. The objective of SPPG is to be a vehicle to support SDSC’s partners and stakeholders to deliver holistic sports programme that benefits everyone and anyone with disabilities.
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     Volunteer for our National Track and Field 2007!
Dear Volunteers, Supporters and Friends of SDSC, The National Track and Field Championship is coming again this 21 and 28 July 2007 (Saturdays).
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     Interest Sports Group (ISG) Grant
The ISG Grant is a sports interest grant to encourage sports activities and programmes among the disabled community. The ISG Grant can be used by recreational sports groups to look after their own interest and can also be used by member organisations of SDSC to form their own Interest Sport Groups (ISG)s.
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