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Salute to All Fathers: A Father’s Day Special (Media)

Fathers are seen to be the pillars of strength in the family. In this special Fathers Day feature, let us pay a tribute to some noble fathers who have become their children’s heroes unknowingly.
“Thanks to my dad, I can go almost anywhere,” says Theresa Goh, swimmer.
Besides being her ‘chauffeur’, ferrying her to and from morning trainings, Mr Bernard Goh also takes an active interest in Theresa’s swimming career, “supporting her in her dreams to achieve a medal in the 2008 Paralympics, egging her on in her training…” His dedication to and love for his daughter has allowed Theresa to concentrate on her dreams.
With such strong mental and physical support, it’s little wonder why Theresa finds nowhere impossible.

Equally devoted to his children is Mr Khor Kheng Chye, who provides them with moral support to enable them to overcome their special needs, so that they can be independent and self-confident.
Nadia and Samuel Xu, both swimmers, feel grateful for Mr Khor’s support and aptly describes him as a “7 Eleven” father—one who is always there, silently providing all that they need, for both emergencies, and for normal occasions.
To all fathers who have contributed and sacrificed for their children, we salute you.
Send an SMS, give a hug or open the champagne (if you are above 18) to wish your father a Happy Father’s Day on this coming 18th June!
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