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National Track and Field Championship 2007 – Registration is open!

By Kee Hara

The National Track & Field Championship 2007 is coming up! And we want YOU to participate in this meaningful event! Play a part in furthering the sporting development and growth in Singapore and bringing the local sports scene to a higher level!

The National Track & Field Championship 2007 will be holding events for both the junior and adult athletes. Young athletes will have a great chance to learn from the seniors’ professionalism while the seniors can take a lesson from the juniors through their display of vivacious young sportsmanship.

More importantly, the Championship serves as a platform to create opportunities for disabled athletes to compete competitively and also for us to uncover potential local athletes and channel them to the national elite training squad. With the far-reaching impact of fostering camaraderie between the athletes and laying a strong foundation for future sporting excellences, winning has certainly become only of secondary importance.

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Now, registration for the National Track and Field Championship 2007 is open. Don’t miss your chance to participate in this competitive sporting event. Test your skills as we select the best athletes to represent Singapore internationally!

Click National Track & Field Championship 2007 for more information on The National Track & Field Championship 2007

This year, we hope that more mainstream schools can come and support these aspiring athletes with disability at the National Championships. If you’d like to find out how you can join us as cheer teams, contact us at 6342 3503 or email

If you are above 15 and would like to volunteer for this event, feel free to email to register.

See you at Serangoon Stadium! 
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