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The Adventures of Quatchi, Miga and Sumi - Mascots with a sidekick!

Quatchi, Miga and Sumi.
These are the names of the three critters who will greet athletes, visitors, and fans in Vancouver and Whistler for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Each of the creatures is special – both in personality and in appearance. One is big, gentle and shy . . . one is small, mischievous and outgoing . . . and one is a natural-born leader with a passion for protecting the environment. All three are mythical creatures with roots in local legend. One is a sasquatch. One is a sea-bear. And one is an animal guardian spirit.

“We wanted mascots that could achieve a great deal,” said John Furlong, Chief Executive Officer of the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC), “They had to appeal to children from all over the world, they needed to represent the people, geography, and spirit of British Columbia and Canada, and they had to personify the values and essence of the 2010 Winter Games . . . . In short, they needed to be many things all at once.”

A total of 177 professionals from around the world expressed their interest in submitting a proposal, including credentials and a portfolio of previous work. Five were invited to Vancouver to meet the VANOC team to present their creative abilities and credentials.

“When we met Meomi Design’s Vicki Wong, and saw the portfolios of her and her partner, Michael Murphy, I think we all felt they were born for this project,” said VANOC Brand & Creative Services director Ali Gardiner. “Not only is her work warm, endearing and imaginative, but she’s a very proud Vancouverite and Canadian, and was excited to share our culture and environment with the world through these Vancouver 2010 mascots. Vicki also understood immediately how the mascots could communicate Olympic and Paralympic ideals and values to children, and get them engaged in our Games.”

Following conceptual development, top secret research and focus testing, and numerous meetings for review and approvals, under security arrangements that would make even James Bond blush, the final three mascots were selected – two for the Olympic Games, and one for the Paralympic Games.

A fourth character was selected as a ‘mascot sidekick.’ “We never intended to have a sidekick,” said Gardiner, “but Mukmuk was so cute and such a perfect friend to the other characters that we had to keep him!” So history was made – the Vancouver Games is the first to have an official mascot sidekick.

A special theatrical event was held for 800 schoolchildren in the nearby city of Surrey, British Columbia, and a global audience of thousands have met the mascots ‘virtually’ through the Vancouver 2010 website,

“The mascot launch is a much-anticipated celebration leading up to the Games. I believe the mascots will become cherished icons – especially for children – and symbols of our Games, our country and our moment on the world stage,” concluded Furlong.

And so begins the story of Quatchi, Miga, Sumi … and a sidekick named Mukmuk.

Here’s your chance to have fun with the cute mascots of Vancouver 2010! Check out the official game site for activities such as:

Operation Recycle
Quatchi, Miga and Sumi have started a recycling project in their neighbourhood! They have collected many items such as used bottles and newspapers, but their only problem now is getting the items to the pickup location. Can you help them launch the collected items correctly to the pickup locations? Beware of slippery ice and other obstacles!

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