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Spain and China Co-operate for Development of Paralympic Sport

The National Paralympic Committees of Spain and China signed a significant document last week which would allow a free-flow of information exchange about Paralympic sports and events. This will in effect promote the Paralympic Movement, leaving a permanent open pipeline of knowledge and experiences between Spain and China.
The accord was signed by Spain’s NPC President, Miguel Carballeda, and China’s NPC Vice-President and IPC Governing Board Member, Shen Zhifei in Madrid, Spain. The interchange will include the organization of sports events, science, sponsorship, medicine, and technology applied to Paralympic sports.
The two NPCs will promote actions to improve performance, knowledge and techniques of Paralympic athletes and coaches by granting them professional training in both countries.
The National Paralympic Committee of China was founded in 1983 and consists of local sports associations of athletes with a disability in each province, self-autonomous region, and major municipalities. Spain’s National Paralympic Committee was created in 1995, and in 1998 the organization was recognized with the same rights and function as the Olympic Committee of Spain.
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