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Launch of Singapore National Paralympic Council (Media)


9 July 2008

For Immediate Release

Today, a brand new sporting body – the Singapore National Paralympic Council (SNPC) – is launched to champion disability sports in Singapore. The council comprises a Board of Governors, headed by Chairman Mr Tan Ju Seng, current President of Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC), and will include Vice-Chairman, Mr Henry Tan, Treasurer Mr Ee Tiang Hwee and members Mr Frankie Thanapal Sinniah and Mr Alukkathara Purushothaman.
Equivalent to the Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC), the SNPC’s primary role is to act as the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) for Singapore. This means that the SNPC shall henceforth be Singapore’s national representing body to the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and other international disability sports affiliates.

The separation of functions has long been in the plans of the SDSC, which has been performing all three functions of the SNPC, SDSC and National Sports Federation in one agency for the past 35 years. Hence, the formal formation of SNPC is timely, while it answers a mandate by IPC, requiring all NPCs to be named in a standardized manner prior to the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, in order to streamline all national representation in future IPC-sanctioned competitions and activities.

Overall development of elite sports for people with disability in Singapore will come under the purview of the newly-formed SNPC as well. At the first Board meeting held on 8 July 2008, a key agenda was the SNPC’s plans to establish close working relationships and affiliations to National Disability Sports Associations.

“This is a historic moment for disability sports. The SNPC will now shoulder responsibility for elite sports - working closely with the SDSC and national sports associations to develop world-class athletes, winning medals for Singapore. The SNPC has every intention of delivering on this promise,” said Mr Tan Ju Seng.

Following its formal formation, the SNPC’s first task will be to lead Singapore’s delegation to the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. The list of athletes bound for Beijing will be released on 10 July 2008.

Singapore will be represented in a total of four sports, Athletics, Equestrian, Sailing and Swimming at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. The games will run from 6-17 September 2008.

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