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Media Release: Disabled Athletes Spurred On to Run Energizer Singapore Night Trail Challenge

Photo credit: Pink Apple

Disabled Athletes Spurred On to Run Energizer Singapore Night Trail Challenge

Singapore 24 April 2012: Athletes from the Singapore Disability Sports Council will brave a night trail run in the Mandai jungle this weekend.

Para-shuttler Tay Wei Ming, Adam Kamis known as the one armed-runner and hearing impaired athletes William Chew and Andrew Siew will join more than 3,600 participants for the second edition of the Energizer Singapore Night Trail. This year the Open Category includes a night trail over the distances of 6, 12 and 18km and a 3km obstacle course. For the Parent and Child Category they get to choose between a 1.5km or 3km obstacle course.

The open events take place as night falls. Each runner is guided through the jungle course wearing their own Energizer LED headlight. At night the jungle takes on a different form making it a truly sensory and challenging experience for the runners.

With the tagline, “Energizer Night Trail, race for a brighter world, that’s Positivenergy™,” Energizer believes that everyone has the power to make a positive impact to the world around them. For the disabled athletes of SDSC, the Energizer Night Trail makes it possible for them to also make their own contribution to society.

Energizer supports the charity organisation, One Million Lights and has pledged to donate 12,000,000 hours of lights in 2012 to impoverished rural communities around the world. This is to help them break through the cycle of poverty by providing them with a healthy environment to study and work.

Here at home, Energizer Singapore also recognises the importance of how our disabled athletes can contribute to the sporting landscape of the Republic and have therefore adopted the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) as the beneficiary of their fund-raising efforts associated with this event.

Date: Saturday 28 April 2012
Categories: 1.5km (Parent & Child)
3km (Open, Parent & Child)
6km/12km/18km (Open)
Location: Mandai
Time: 1500hrs – 2300hrs
Adopted Charity: Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)
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