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Flair in the Air- Metta School students are flying high and reaching skies

The Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)’s Kids Inclusive Sports Club (KISC) and the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) synchronized a Kids IN, Kite flying event at Marina Barrage on Thursday 5 April 2012. Alongside NVPC’s volunteers, 21 teenagers who defy intellectual disabilities (ID) from Metta School participated in the event. The teenagers also toured around Marina Barrage’s gallery. Initially what awaited the kite enthusiasts were pitter-patter raindrops. However, shortly after, sheets of sun ray blanketed marina barrage, enabling the kites to kick off.

Miss Dawn Ang, 23, a staff of the volunteer committee of NVPC quoted, “KISC believes that children, regardless of their disabilities should be exposed to sports. We also felt that kids who brave ID shouldn’t be cooped at home and left away from the society. Hence we coordinated the event, and now it’s a contentment to see these students enjoying themselves.”

Pillaring Miss Dawn’s stand was Su San, 40, a fellow staff of the volunteer committee of NVPC. She felt that there shouldn’t be any discrimination against such children. She added, “such events help integrate the children’s perception about themselves and the society.”
While kite flying is a customary sport to many, it was a troubling fact that this occasion marks the first in which many of these students tried kite flying. Jin Yhah, 15, student of Metta School was seen beaming as her prismatic kite suspended midair. “Kite flying is very fun and I am enjoying myself,” she said. When asked if similar events should reoccur, she answered, “yes definitely and next time I want my kite to fly even higher.”

Expounding that kite flying is not alone a sport for leisure but a bridge for learning, Gerald Tay and Nazri Bin Arshad, each 15 from Metta School cited one prevailing idea. And that was how kite flying enables them to ease their stress, especially since they don’t usually get the opportunity to participate in such events. In addition Nazri also added that, “Even though the kite keeps getting lower, I repeatedly challenge myself which is something I learn.”

Zoe Tan, 33, a teacher close to three years at Metta School said, “this event helps the students with their communication as it gives them an opportunity to mingle with other kids and also interact with the volunteers. I see them expressing themselves more through such outdoor activities and that is why such events should be further encouraged; besides they also learn more about the environment and techniques of kite flying.”

In a nutshell, the event was fruitful in establishing interactions and imparting new skills in this group of admirable youths. Whether it was rain or shine, the event sure was extreme fun for all students and volunteers.

By: Aneesa Beham Binte Tajudeen
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