Corporate Participation

Corporate Participation

Through Corporate grants, event sponsorships, donations and in-kind services, the business community enables us to continue our mission of enabling sportspersons with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives by providing them the opportunity to participate and excel in sports. By offering corporations a variety of ways to help, we believe that a partnership is possible with any business or corporation.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

As the national disability sports organization, the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) reaches out to all disabled groups, be it intellectual or physical, with offers of elite and non-elite sports. With sports gaining a focus in Singapore and disabled athletes establishing themselves in the regional and international sports arenas, disability sports offers a wealth of sponsorship and publicity opportunities. Some of the sponsorship opportunities with SDSC include part or whole of:

  • Sports programs for elite athletes.
  • Development programs for young athletes.
  • Activity-learning programs for disabled children.
  • Sports promotional events.
  • National & international championships.
  • Fundraising events.
  • Annual awards.
  • Annual publications.


Sponsorship can be in cash or in kind (e.g. sports attire and accessories, banners, airtime, facilities etc). If you are interested to set up a fund or sponsorship, do contact us to discuss opportunities for different packages:

  • Sports-specific
    Programme-specific (e.g. Development Programmes, Elite Training Programmes).
  • Event-specific (e.g. Come and Play Day, Torch Relay, Wheelathon).
  • Athlete-specific
    Age-specific (e.g. junior, kids, elderly, adult)


A sponsorship with Singapore Disability Sports Council not only provides you and/or your company an enriching experience in community involvement, but also attractive corporate mileage in return for your kind gesture. These may include prominent exposure of the company in publicity tools such as advertisements, publications, and sportswear; or exclusive stalls or VIP seats reserved for the company in events. Varied packages or agreements can also be negotiated with SDSC.

To explore sponsorship opportunities with SDSC, please contact us at


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