[SDSC Directive] Continued Suspension of all Activities and Training Programmes for all Sports until 1 June 2020

22 April 2020

Dear Athletes, Officials, NDSAs, Sports Teams,

SDSC Directive: Continued suspension of all Activities and Training Programmes for all Sports until 1 June 2020

The Ministry of Health (“MOH”) issued an advisory on 21 April 2020, titled “Strong national push to stem spread of COVID-19”. Additionally, Sport Singapore (SportSG) has also issued an advisory on 21 April 2020, titled “Advisory on tightened measures on sport and physical exercise during the extended circuit breaker period (till 1 June 2020)”.

Taking into account the above advisories issued by MOH and SportSG, SDSC would like to confirm that the suspension of all activities and training programmes will continue till 1 June 2020, in alignment with the extension of the ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Closure of workplace premises: SportSG and SDSC office

SDSC, SportSG and its facilities such as the Sport Singapore Institute (SSI) Gym, SSI Medical Centre and Athletes Services Centre were to close from 7 April 2020 to 4 May 2020. These closures are now extended till 1 June 2020.

Together we stand

At SDSC, we are here for the community. We understand the desire to kick start your training and get back to our normal routine. To ensure that we can weather the storm, we all need to play our part in the community and adhere to the measures in place. Together we stand united through all uncertainties.

We encourage everyone to remain largely within their place of residence, apart from going out to buy meals or other essentials, or procure essential services. Social contact should be confined to immediate family members living in the same household during this period.

Please continue to stay active, either by exercising indoors, or if you must, exercise outdoors on your own and around your immediate neighbourhood. Always remember to observe safe distancing measures. Please continue to exercise the necessary precautions, such as good personal hygiene, and safe distancing, even at home. If you must go out, remember to wear a mask and if you are not feeling well, please see a doctor.

Staying healthy in both body and mind, you can visit circle.myactivesg.com to keep yourself engaged with activities. To keep abreast with the latest announcements and updates, please refer to go.gov.sg/mohupdates. If you have any questions, please contact the relevant sports officer. Let’s rally on and together we will flatten the curve.

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,


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