[Media Release] Aston Martin Owners Club Singapore Donates $20,000 to Para Sports


Aston Martin Owners Club Singapore Donates $20,000 to Para Sports

  • AMOCS members first responded to SDSC’s appeal and gave returning Paralympians an unforgettable victory tour in 2008
  • Donation celebrates a full-circle friendship with the para sports community as 2008 Paralympian Eric Ting receives donation cheque on SDSC’s behalf

Singapore, 29 September 2020 – The Aston Martin Owners Club Singapore (AMOCS) and Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) celebrated 12 years of friendship as AMOCS presented a donation of $20,000 to SDSC.

AMOCS was originally formed in 2008 as a ground-up community by a small, highly enthusiastic group of Aston Martin owners. The mission of the Club was “To share the passion of Aston Martin motoring by creating a fun, supportive and family-like environment, whilst understanding our social responsibilities to the community”.

To bring this mission to life, AMOCS members did not waver in their support for SDSC throughout the years, organising fundraisers and contributing to the celebrations of Singapore’s para sport inspirations.

Most notably, AMOCS members made victory parades possible for the 2008 and 2012 Paralympians. In 2008, when para sports were still relatively unknown locally even as the first Paralympic medals were won by Laurentia Tan and Yip Pin Xiu, AMOCS members did not hesitate to step in when the SDSC appealed for support for the Paralympians’ victory parade. AMOCS members gamely offered their luxury rides to the returning athletes and drove them in a convoy around Singapore to cheers from members of the public and supporters.

“I was part of the victory parade in 2008 and it was a wonderful experience. To know that our achievements at the Paralympics was recognised by the wider Singapore community was heartening. I am thankful to AMOCS for the faith and support,” said Mr Eric Ting, who was then a Paralympic debutante.

“AMOCS has always been about bringing people together and supporting initiatives in our community. Through the years, we are glad to have supported the SDSC and celebrate the achievements of Singapore’s para athletes. To be able to channel these funds to SDSC feels like we have come full circle and is a wonderful way to celebrate our partnership over the years,” said Mr Mike Amour, President of AMOCS. “We are very grateful to the AMOSC for their stellar support over the years. The victory parades brought disability sports much visibility and was the foundation that led to widespread recognition of Singapore’s para athletes. With the donation, SDSC will continue to do more to support our athletes and we hope to encourage more persons with disabilities to take a leap of faith to pursue sport,” said Mr Kevin Wong, President, SDSC.

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