Para Swimmer Toh Wei Soong Encourages Educators to Play Instrumental Role in Pursuit of Sporting Excellence

Toyota SYI (11) - Toh Wei Soong sharing about his swimming journey
Toyota SYI (11) - Toh Wei Soong sharing about his swimming journey

Borneo Motors (Singapore) and Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) held a Sports Talent Pathway Workshop to equip educators and staff of social service organisations with knowledge and tools to aid para athletes in their pursuit of high performance sports.

Amongst the topics discussed include the various impairments and classification procedures, disability sports and the local and international competition landscape, while toolkits that educators can rely on to lead projects in their schools or organisations were also provided.

Aspiring Paralympic swimmer and Toyota ’Start Your Impossible’ (SYI) Hero athlete Toh Wei Soong, gave the closing speech to more than 45 event attendees. Wei Soong’s own swimming journey was ignited when his teacher at Anglo Chinese School (I), Mr Chan Chee Wei, invited him to represent the school at a swimming meet. As part of its ongoing pursuit of “Mobility for All”, Toyota believes that the freedom of being mobile is at the heart of being able to participate in society. The automaker is the first ever mobility partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

Sharing his thoughts about the initiative, Wei Soong said, “My journey is made possible only through the support of many parties, including my teacher who believed in me from the start. I want to continue to spread hope and I applaud educators for all that they do. I encourage them to continue helping students with disabilities to open doors, create opportunities and to chase their dreams.”

Here in Singapore, Toyota, along with its official distributor Borneo Motors (Singapore), has partnered with celebrated athletes Toh Wei Soong and Joseph Schooling to champion their hero projects of ‘Equality of Opportunity’ and ‘Road Safety’ respectively. Wei Soong has since been working with SDSC on their ongoing school outreach programmes. Wei Soong was also part of the first ever Para Swimming Dialogue on 5 October, where he spoke to aspiring para athletes and members of the disability sports fraternity about his journey thus far.

At today’s Sports Talent Pathway Workshop, the Borneo Motors (Singapore) Human Resources team also shared about the company’s inclusive employment practices, along with how sports equips one with transferrable skills such as resilience, pursuit of excellence and strong interpersonal skills.

Mr Samuel Yong, Director of Marketing and Business Strategy at Borneo Motors (Singapore) said, “At Borneo Motors (Singapore), we are called to live out the ‘Start Your Impossible’ spirit. As an inclusive workplace, we are responsible for creating an environment for success for all employees. We are proud to support Wei Soong and our partner, SDSC, as they touch lives and work towards a better world for everyone.”

The SYI initiative is inspired by Toyota’s worldwide partnership with the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee, and it marks the automaker’s ongoing commitment to transform into a mobility company. The initiative supports the creation of a more inclusive, sustainable and mobile society in which everyone can challenge their impossible.

Ms Kelly Fan, Executive Director of SDSC, said, “Educators are uniquely placed to play an important role in shaping the landscape of disability sports in Singapore, and this comes to light based on Wei Soong’s testimony.” “Sport is truly for everyone, regardless of impairment. Through SYI, we have reached out to the wider community to spread awareness and educate, creating the foundation to inculcate sport as a major pillar of our society.”



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