Events and Community Programmes Intern

Brief Description

This position is responsible for supporting the Events and Outreach team to plan and implement local and international events, and develop partnerships to grow opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in sport.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To contribute to the planning and implementation of international and local events and programmes
  2. To participate in team discussions to review and improve on impact outcomes from events and programmes
  3. To support the recruitment and management of volunteers
  4. To facilitate community learning of para sport

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  1. To learn critical skills such as time management and partnership development
  2. To participate in design thinking
  3. To be exposed to inclusion education and events management

Duration of Internship

6 months

Daily Working Hours

9.00am – 6.00pm

Work Days

Monday to Friday

Minimum Qualification

Pre-U / ‘A’ Level

No of Vacancies


Contact Person

Toh Gek Lan


Apply through the Youth Corps Singapore website — link to Events and Community Programmes Intern (Singapore Disability Sports Council)


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