Technical Capability


The Technical Official Capability Development Support (TOCDS) provides development support and financial assistance for technical officials to develop capabilities and systems that will upgrade or develop their officiating skills. Technical Officials refers to classifiers, referees, judges, umpires, team managers, and officiating officials.


a.    To develop a quality pool of SDSC Trainers with up to date expertise and knowledge who are able to train other SDSC Officiating Officials.
b.    To develop a pool of SDSC Officiating Officials with up to date expertise and knowledge, and of international standard.
c.    To ensure SDSC Officiating Officials are kept abreast of international rules and regulations for the sport.
d.    To help equip SDSC Officiating Officials with the latest expertise to efficiently organise and run competitions of international standards.


a.    Technical Officials in SDSC Sports are eligible to apply.


a.    Bringing in an overseas Trainer to conduct courses in Singapore.
b.    Sending the official for overseas training and development or an overseas attachment for further development.
c.    Sending an official overseas to be trained as a Trainer.
d.    Developing a library of Officiating educational and training resources.


a.    Local Courses should include the following components:

i.    General Principles

Fundamentals of officiating and event management (e.g. legal responsibilities; communication skills; conflict resolution; ethics; fitness training for sports officials).

Sport Specific

Technical rules, interpretations, reporting and sport specific roles for officials.

ii. Officiating at events/competitions

Practical officiating sessions and application of officiating principles.

b.    The Overseas Trainer should be accredited by the International Federation or Asian Federation to conduct the course in Singapore.

c.    The SDSC Trainer, sent for overseas training and development, must conduct courses/workshops within the first six months of his/her post-training and development.

d.    The SDSC Technical Official, sent for overseas training and development, must either umpire/referee at or organise/run games/competitions within the first year of post-training and development.



a.    Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis and must be accompanied by the necessary documents as outlined in the procedures.

b.    Every effort must be made by the applicant to ensure that only the following essential costs are incurred and at the best lowest cost.

    •       i. Return air ticket (economy class)
    •       ii. Overseas Internal transport (train, bus, taxi, ferry, etc)
    •       iii.Entry / Course fee
          iv. Accommodation (3 or 4 star hotel or organizer designated hotel)

c.    Any false declaration in any of the forms may effect immediate disqualification from the support.

d.    Approval of support or claims, and changes to the support rates, terms and conditions, will be at SDSC’s discretion.

e.    The financial support matrix (subject to funding availability) is as follows:

f.    The applicant is to submit the application at least one month before the commencement of the development programme.

g.    The SDSC will not entertain any applications once the course has started.

h.    The applicant can apply for the support at the projected expenditure amount. However, successful applications does not necessarily translate into the requested amount being fully subsidised. Also, the applicant can only apply for reimbursements (claims) on expenditure items approved in the initial application.


Application Requirements and Procedure

Submit to SDSC the following documents:

a.    Support Application Form (together with Proposed Budget)

b.    Supporting documents:

i.    Full content and schedule details of the proposed training and development programme

ii.    Where applicable, an updated curricular vitae of the overseas Trainer or the official to be sent for overseas training and development

iii.   Officiating Development Plans

Post-Development Requirements and Procedure

Submit to SDSC the following documents:

Within the first two weeks of post-development,

a. Post-Programme Development Report.

b. Statement of Expenses

c. A copy of the course notes and any other information gathered

The grant will only be disbursed once items (a) to (c) has been submitted and processed by SDSC.


For further information, you can contact:

Mr. Justinian Chua
Pathway and Participation Manager
Singapore Disability Sports Council

Tel       :           6342 3564
Fax      :           6342 0961
Email   : 


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